i don't want to get to the end of my life and find that i have just lived the length of it... i want to also have lived the width of it as well... smiling when the sun rises... dreaming until the sun hides... but for now, i'm letting go... and this goodbye isn't just a new start... it confirms my submission to waiting... while searching...

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

not just a hearty laugh but a lad with a heart...

remember Valentina Hasan's Ken Lee version of Mariah's Without You (Can't Live)in Music Idol of Bulgary?

Oh well, wala siyang sinabi sa ipakikilala ko...

may i present to you Jessa Belle of Antipolo City...

That's what happens when she's in love... hehehe... By the way,she's a fan too of Rihanna...

but Crazy For You and Anim Ang Umbrella isn't all Jessa Belle's got...

Jessa Madrigal is in truth a total performer... all-around talent... sing and dance

but the best part of all is that when she sings, she pulls every emotion sa puso niya... she wants to deliver with feelings... just like her blockbuster rendition of My Heart Will Go On...

Rated K did a feature on Lenlen's saga, albeit - the real story behind the lyrics and notes.

Oh well, we all have our own way of coping with life... Jessa Belle sure knows how.

Anyway, the reason for this post is because of a call i got from a friend... She says she's been looking for me for ages but it was only now that she was able to get my number from a college friend...

her mother wants to help Jessa Belle...

Wow! Now that's really nice... at least, may naantig ang puso after tumawa at mapasaya ni Jessa Belle.

Wala pa man, maraming salamat na sa Beltran Family.


thanks too to flawlessangel08 and thewingsproduction for their youtube material...

Friday, June 26, 2009

ulan ng pag-ibig...


chelsea daracan, segment producer, 27 yrs. old, fighting for life
"matulog ng matulog..."

blessie calupitan, writer, 36 yrs. old, committed

arma bacar, writer, 30 yrs. old, committed
"bonding in bed with someone you love..."

lizette rayala, segment producer, 37 yrs. old, single forever
"rain... it brings a cold breeze that gently touches your whole being... makes you want to curl up and cuddle... hehehe... pwede na ba yan?"

paige halliwel, writer, 32 yrs. old, married
"i love the rain... coffee or hot chocolate tastes best when it's raining, di ba?"

jerlyn de quintos, finance officer, 31 yrs. old, married

stiffany adanza, headwriter, 31 yrs. old, attached
"bed weather!"

thops topico, housewife, 26 yrs. old, married
"malamig... masarap mangarap..."

piglet, tomboy, 37 yrs. old, confused
"humilata... walang ka-cuddle kaya hilata na lang... hahaha!"

maila cuevas, writer, 31 yrs. old, discerning
"masarap sa ulan, malamig... tapos may kayakap ka sa ilalim ng malamig na kumot... tapos magkikiskisan kayo ng kahit ano... pero kung walang kayakap, humigop ka na lang ng mainit na sabaw o kumain ng tuyo..."

jerome dela cruz, researcher, 26 yrs. old, katikaterang committed na di makaget-over
"i think the feeling of solitude that you get to reminisce a lot of beautiful things while watching the rain... sipping a cup of coffee and just enjoying the moment..."

juliet delos santos, executive secretary, 29 yrs. old, separated but very happy
"rain...makes us stay at home... so that we can be able to rest and relax even for a while..."

angela magallona, housewife, 34 yrs. old, discerning
"it cleans the air and washes away the dirt everybody leaves..."

denmark alejandro, segment producer, 30 yrs. old, committed
"maganda kapag umuulan, malamig ang panahon... masarap may kayakap buong maghapon, magdamag... masarap din kumain ng tinapa, sinangag, bagoong at kamatis with kape..."

cora dacong, media officer, 37 yrs. old, separated but very happy
"masarap makipagSEX!"

iriz ramos, head researcher, 23 yrs. old, abused and overused but committed
"walang pasok, masarap kumain ng champorado at tuyo... tapos pag malakas na malakas na ang ulan, lalabas ka na at maliligo..."

vky mendoza, researcher, 23 yrs. old, soulsearching and also searching
"there's nothing nice about the rain... hahaha... cynical daw... joke... magtetext ako ng serious..."

vky mendoza, researcher, 23 yrs. old, still searching
"i may have all the reasons to hate the rain and be cynical about it... but i choose not to let my recent emotional turmoil evoke continued depression... tigilan na ang pagiging malungkot! iwaksi! hahaha! sabi nga ni celine dion, LET THE RAIN FALL DOWN AND WASH AWAY MY TEARS, LET IT FILL MY SOUL AND DROWN MY FEARS!"

jeng divina, account executive, 34 yrs. old, confused and wants to be abused
"to cuddle, eat and play..."

manny segunto, segment producer, 34 yrs. old, playing and cruising
"humiga at humilata sa kama at unan na malambot na katabi mo ang mahal mo... chos!"

julia, writer, 26 yrs. old, discerning and fighting
"rain reminds me of my childhood... careless fun, champorado, cropek, vhs marathon, scrabble, word factory... at dahil natanong mo yan, bigla kong namiss, sarap balikan at ulitin..."

hannah dewara, soon to be jobless, 33 yrs. old, kinatatakutan dahil sa matulis na baba
"a very inviting weather to curl up in bed with the one you love..."

will everyone agree when i claim that the best answer is "TAYO..." this by my lifetime... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! kiiiiiiilliiiiiig!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

just my heart speaking out...

some days, i just want to forward my life... some days, i want to freeze time...

monday blues has been an endless routine at work already... hectic work after hectic work... long meetings... redundated difficulties... my already-normal broken record is now a classic play in the office...

lunes is a monstrous creative conference... leaving and filling my martes with two or three meetings with clients from outside... wednesday would be the start for my boss... and the rest of the dsys goes on and on and on and on...

thank god i have my lifetime for my euphoria... he provides me the energy... the driving force... the reason to be... the faith that I can do it all over again this week.... next week... and the coming more weeks...

yes, i want to forward time so i can be with him at night... and it's when i'd truly want to stop time... and escape space with lifetime... be in a world where only us matter...

bakit kaya mahal kita?

i called dete hours ago... and solicited for her opinion...

prue: tol, bakit ko siya mahal? sobrang mahal that sometimes i don't even know pa why i love him... all i know is that i am overflowing now...

dete: uwi ka nga muna sandali dito sa bahay tol... nang madagukan kita...
(laughs out loud)

prue: (laughs too) sobra ka tol... hindi nga... of course i know why i love him... kaya lang sobra kasi eh...

dete: hay naku, kumain ka na... gutom lang 'yan...

prue: can't... won't... waiting for him eh... kahit anong sarap ng food, tumatamlay pag hindi ko siya kasabay...

dete: tooool... asan ka? puntahan kita nang masipa kita.... (laughs louder)... ang bunso, buhay na buhay na naman...

prue: siya nawa...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

there's a reason why we love each other now...

the first time i heard this song by mymp, i couldn't help but cry... sa tuwa at sa kilig... there's so much to be said... it isn't all black and white with this song... and it has to be bled...

but that will have to wait...

let me share with you the lyrics muna...

the words of my heart...

there's a reason why we love each other NOW... lifetime love.

Now is all I know
Now is all I got
And I don't know
If there will be tomorrow for us.

Now is all I care about
Now that you are here
Now that you're the contents of my heart.

Now you're all I know
Now is all I promise
And I don't know
If there will be a future for us.

Now is all I live for
Now that you are near
And it was best that from the start it was clear.

Loving is not owning
We can let it go
We can let it go.

Loving is not owning
You can let me go
You can let me go.

There's a reason
Why we love each other now
And we don't know if this is forever.

There's a reason
Why we are together now
And we don't care if it's not forever now.

Now is all I think about
Now that I am happy
And I'm not sure
If there will be a future for us.

Now is all I offer
It's everything I got
And I still wish
That there will be a tomorrow for us.

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)
Ad Lib
(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
(Repeat Chorus)

We love each other now...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my soulmate in the grass field...

once upon a time there was a teacher and his student... they lay down under the big tree near the big grass area... then suddenly the student asked the teacher,

Student : Teacher, I'm confused how we find our soul mate. Can you please help me?

Teacher : (silent for few second, than he answered)Well, it's pretty hard and easy question...

Student : (thinking hard) Ha???

Teacher : look on that way, there are a lot of grass there, why don't you walk there... but please never walk backward, just walk straight ahead... on your way, try to find a beautiful grass and pick it up then give it to me... but just one.

Student : Well, ok then... wait for me... (walking straight ahead to the grass field)

a few minutes later...

Student : I'm back..

Teacher : Em, well I don't see any beautiful grass on your hand.
Student : On my journey, I found few beautiful grass, but I thought that I would find a better one, so I didn't pick it up. But I didn't realize that I'm in the end of the field, and I hadn't pick any. Cause you told me not to go back, so I didn't go back.

Teacher : That's what happen in real life.

the message...

* the Grass --> is people around you
* the Beautiful Grass --> is people that attract you
* the Grass Field --> is time

please don't always compare and hope that there will be a better one... by doing that, you'll waste your lifetime... TIME NEVER GOES BACK.... So try to accept what he is... IF YOU DECIDE THAT HE IS THE ONE.

lifetime love...

when you have found that special someone who makes your heart flutter and your palms sweat, that is magic and you want to make that magic last... and every day feels like the 'first day'... the 'first glance'... the 'first merienda'... the 'first lunch'... the 'first movie'... the 'first time' TOGETHER...

and each day is cherished...

magic makes me want FOREVER... but it is in FAITH that i beleive and trust FOREVER...

what of the days leading to forever? it's the past... the now... and what will be tomorrow...

both forgetting and remembering the years gone by... placing effort and work where it should be today... and our dreams are watered by every ounce and drop of sacrifice and committment we willingly give despite the odds... that builds the future...

that is love of a lifetime... a lifetime love...

love of a lifetime
by Firehouse

I guess the time was right for us to say
We'd take our time and live our lives
Together day by day
We'll make a wish and send it on a prayer
We know our dreams can all come true
With love that we can share

With you I never wonder--will you be there for me
With you I never wonder--you're the right one for me
I finally found the love of a lifetime
A love to last my whole life through
I finally found the love of a lifetime
Forever in my heart
I finally found the love of a lifetime

With every kiss, our love is like brand-new
And every star up in the sky
Was made for me and you
Still we both know that the road is long
We know that we will be together
Because our love is strong

I finally found the love of a lifetime
A love to last my whole life through
I finally found the love of a lifetime
Forever in my heart
I finally found the love of a lifetime


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