i don't want to get to the end of my life and find that i have just lived the length of it... i want to also have lived the width of it as well... smiling when the sun rises... dreaming until the sun hides... but for now, i'm letting go... and this goodbye isn't just a new start... it confirms my submission to waiting... while searching...

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Saturday, September 6, 2008


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i waited for the hands to point north... it's a personal tradition... i rejoice as i bid goodbye to august... and say HELLO to BER MONTHS...

almost all of my friends got the text but just so i continue spreading the good news, i am expressing my warmest ber greeting to everyone in cyberworld...

aug. 31, 2008

YEEEEEEHEEEEEY! BER NA! Merry merry meeeeerrrii christmaaaaas! My gahd!
Saya di ba! O kung may kasama ka ngaung kaibigan, hug mo then say THANK YOU FOR EYBRITING then pwede din i-kiss... hihihi... kung lovey dovey, eh di romantic kiss then embrace then whisper sa kanya ng pagka-sweet sweet na I LOVE YOU HUGZ este kung anuman term of endearment niyo... kung family, groooouuuup huuuug at paalalahanan ng REGALO KO HA... kung crush naman, i-hold ang hand then bulungan ng I LIKE YOU... uuuuy...kahit cno pa 'yan,MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRIIIIISTMAAAAS NAAAA! Magsayang ng piso, gumastos sa pagtawag, manghawa... SPREAD DA JOY! Bawal malungkot, bawal magmukmok, nawal magalit!Photobucket

sept. 04

Magandang thursday sa ating lahat... to those who have shoot today, smooth sailing coverage will be yours... to those who are ill, i breathe of recovery... to those being tested and are going through difficult times, today will be better than yesterday... to those who are loveless, know that somebody's on his way... to the penniless, it's almost payday.. to those whose family member is sick, laughter or a simple but meant smile is prescribed... Sa ating lahat, WE ARE BEING WATCHED OVER... HE'LL NEVER FORSAKE US... so let's smile, TODAY IS A MIRACLE!

sept. 05

reeeeedyoooooys... seeeleeebreeeyt... it's the 1st friday of a BER-y very happy season... 15 more Viernes to go and it's Paaaaasko Naaaaa!!! Bawal sumibangot ha!

sept. 06

As the carol goes, ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY GOLDEN DAYS... araw-araw tayong ngumiti... despite the odds and predicaments, harapin natin ng nakangiti ang buhay... Not all situations are problems and no problem is unresolvable... CHallenges 'yan, ibig sabihin, kayang PAGWAGIAN... Remember, we're never penniless, we're just FINANCIAKKY CHALLENGED... we're never loveless, we're just ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED (hindi ako kasali ngayon diyan... hahaha)... we're never engot, we're just INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED... o cia, magpatugtog ng christmas carols... tabihan ang mga mahal sa buhay... kumanta ng sabay-sabay... and u'l be reassured... MAGANDA ANG BUHAY... WOOHOOOO... SABADO NIGHTS! 15 weeks na lang...


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