i don't want to get to the end of my life and find that i have just lived the length of it... i want to also have lived the width of it as well... smiling when the sun rises... dreaming until the sun hides... but for now, i'm letting go... and this goodbye isn't just a new start... it confirms my submission to waiting... while searching...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

name ng baby mo?

i was so like 19 yrs. old many nights ago... with a glee stretching to my ears while i incessantly rant about having our 'panganay'... lifetime wants a son... i, of course, expects a daughter... (wag naman sana akong tamaan ng kidlat at sunugin ng langit... hehehe!)

and those moments relished with me on my favorite nook... arms on his chest... head on his pit... it's my nook... and mine alone... wihihihi!

"dapat boy... wala pang lalake eh..."

"hmmm... yeah but i want sana for panganay babae kasi hindi tayo iiwan pag tumanda na tayo..."

"nasa pagpapalaki 'yan..."

"i know... of course... but still, maganda pag girl..."

"o cge, ano name?"

* * * * * * * *

and the next morning, i fired my text blast...

mr. zaldy zhornack
"well, hindi naman mangyayari ito sa akin pero yaman din lamang na gusto kitang patulan, gusto ko boy... ang magiging name niya ay travis... wala lang... ang gwapo kasi ng tunog..."

ms. magulo ang isip sa ngayon
"bago ko magbaby ulit friend... tatanggapin ko ba ulit sa buhay ko si _____ hehehe... serious po ako ha... bigyan ko ba ulit ng chance?"

mr. dreamboy
"haraya... very filipino and it sounds great... or pag payagan ng asawa, 'boombastic'... yikes!"

mrs. doris brondo castillo
"sobrang in love ka friend! anyway, if God will give us another girl, she'd be samantha marthena or serafine miranda..."

mr. mark anthony almajose
"marc anthony... i want a mini-me..."

mr. denmark alejandro
"ung mga babies namin, pinapangalan namin after sa lugar kung saan kami nagme-make love... names ng mga hotel at apartelle... kaya madami kaming babies..."

ms. iriz ramos
"girl din... her name will be cookie jean anne kamille, nickname jack..."

ms. maila cuevas
"ang sarap isipin.. gusto ko sana girl at sana mamana niya lahat sa akin wag lang ilong... gusto ko ipangalan sa kanya, Lourdes Isabel... Lourdes kasi name ng nanay ko and isabel my tita naman... her nickname Lola kasi idol ko madonna..."

mr. budoy
"i prefer to have twins... and i will name them Baday and Biday if girls... Bugudoy and Burundoy if boys."

ms. vky mendoza
"hmmm... it has always been my wish to have only one child, a girl at that... Katarina Cassandra Victoria will grow up to be as kikay as his mom, hehehe!"

mr. stanley castro
"i would name her Charlize Stella... after our initials... then we would call her Charlie, a boy's name for her nick... for our baby boy, it would be Charles Steven with Chess as his nick... ; ) cute noh?"

mrs. cora dacong
"first child ulit? boy at gusto ni edmundo... Victor Edmond!"

mrs. pm
"the name of my daughter will be Annike Soleil which means gracious sun becasue i live my life in a state of gracefulness and my hubby and i are outdoor people who love the sun... if it's a son, we will name him Pablo Alejandro because all his cousins are boys with spanish names and because if he gets rich and we add Don to his name, saksakan ng bagay... Don Pablo Alejandro... : ) walang gayahan ng pangalan!

mr. stanley castro
"in fairness... eh ano naman ang nickname niyan?"

mr. stanley castro
"hahaha... kalurkey ka!"

mr. anthony dasalla
"parang josephine emmanuel... para magkatunog pa sila nuong dating sumikat na boldstar noong 80s di ba?"

* * * * * * * *

choosing a name for your baby is a very important task... something that should be done with your better-half or significant other... and while many couples have a hard time agreeing on a name for their baby... lifetime and i had so much bonding fun time thinking of our panganay's name... na sana girl (ako ang makulit! hehehe)...

lifetime's dad and lolo has joseph in their names... and the two of us as well... kaya he wants pa din joseph part of our girl panganay's... and he likes the baduy idea of marying our names...

and that's how we agreed on JOSEPHINE KARY... just how we want it... like our names, it is simple... easy to remember and write... we were able to keep the catholic/christian name as tradition of both families (naks!)... and name our angel after someone very important in the family history...

also, i've always liked boy's names for girls... jokas will be nice since she's josephine kary or jojo from both our first names...

haaaaay... like we always say, sarap mangarap... nothing wrong with it... afterall, sabi nga, just hold on to your dreams and it just might come true one day...

i love you lifetime!

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